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She had proposed that alimony as a system should be done away with, and a General Insurance Fund should be put in its place, controlled by the state, that would make the state, rather than former husbands, responsible for the maintenance of women without work, or who were raising children Farnsworth, It was her single mindedness that angered other Bolsheviks, male and female.

Released, she moved to Alexandra kollontai essay writer and established contact alexandra kollontai essay writer V. After leaving Germany Kollontai traveled to Denmark, only to discover that the Danish social democrats also supported the war. She was a champion of women's liberation, but she firmly believed that it "could take place only as the result of the victory of a new social order and a different economic system", [11] and has thus been regarded as a key figure in Marxist feminism.

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A nonconformist, Kollontai herself had lived as she wrote: The analogy between workers enslaved by capitalists and women being subjugated by men seemed obvious to Kollontai. May be used for non-commercial purposes.

A female Soviet diplomat in the s with unconventional views on sexuality, probably inspired by Kollontai, had been played by Greta Garbo in the movie Ninotchka Dream to travel the world essay Dream to travel the world essay.

Elegant and refined, she enjoyed at diplomatic gatherings the reputation of being the best-dressed woman in the Soviet Union. For my part, I have put my principles aside in a corner of my conscience and I pursue as best I can the policies they dictate to me".

After a brief stint in in Ukraine as Commissar of Propaganda and Agitation, Kollontai continued as a diplomat. The shock marked a turning point in her life and made her a revolutionary. She even went so far as to advocate a tax for this purpose, to be levied solely on men Farnsworth, As an unwavering Marxist, Kollontai opposed the ideology of liberal feminismwhich she saw as bourgeois.

Instead she believed that true socialism could not be achieved without a radical change in attitudes to sexuality, so that it might be freed from the oppressive norms that she saw as a continuation of bourgeois ideas about property. Pavel Dubenko and Alexander Shlyapnikov died in the purges of the s.

This idea got her into much trouble Clements, However, her Soviet biographers and the editors of the censored reissues of her memoirs and books minimized her Menshevik past, her disagreements with Lenin and her interest in sexual liberation stressing instead her loyalty to the Bolshevik cause and her diplomatic career.

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In she published a collection of articles on Finland and Socialism. At that time Kollontai had to use wheelchair.

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Role of journalism in society essays on leadership Role of journalism in society essays on leadership. Pushed out of the male-dominated Soviet power elite that was increasingly uncomfortable with her insistent advocacy of feminist issues, she was sent in to Oslo as a member of a Soviet trade delegation.

Their relationship was kept secret in the Soviet Union, but the book was reprinted in On asking the publisher to make the changes requested, Kollontai apologized with obvious embarrassment, inviting repeatedly to debit her all expenses and writing twice that, under current circumstances, it was not absolutely possible "to do otherwise".

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Under Communism, both men and women would work for, and be supported by, society, not their families.Ebert, Teresa "Alexandra Kollontai and Red Love", (retrieved ) Farnsworth, Beatrice ().

"Conversing with Stalin, Surviving the Terror: The Diaries of Aleksandra Kollontai and the Internal Life of Politics". Slavic Review. 69 (4): – Holt, Alix (trans.), ed. () []. Alexandra Kollontai Selected Writings. USA: Norton & Company. Aleksandra Kollontai would help the workers and, more importantly, the women, to emancipate themselves from social chains.

Inshe left Vladimir forever, to study in Zurich, under the Marxist economist Heinrich Herkner. Alexandra kollontai essays.

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Magasin - RunAttitude (For a good introduction to Kollontai's life and writings, see Kollontai, Alexandra Kollontai: Selected Writings, ed.

More Essay Examples on Family Rubric. Alexandra Kollontai lived a substantial part of her life in exile under the Tsarist system, and was to live in “diplomatic exile” in the USSR as ambassador to.

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